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Flipped Fridays


Well I am diving into flipping my classroom, and have designated Fridays for our flips.  This weeks Flip is in the language department.  My students are working on writing, so they are being introduced to two literary devices.  Alliteration and Similes. Please take a look at the videos below

Science inquiry – how to clean up an oil spill


This week our class investigated how to clean up an oil spill and the effect it can have on an ecosystems.  We researched effective methods for cleaning up oil spills and groups decided which method they planned to implement.  Each group created their model ecosystem, which subsequently experienced an oil spill. What an awesome job […]

Tackling Non-Fiction


Today we are taking a look at some non-fiction texts and focusing on how to mark up a text while reading using our reading strategies. Here is a great prezi for using those strategies as we read.  We have to remember that Reading is Thinking.

Remind 101


So I am venturing into a new way of sending reminders and important information Please check out the link to join  

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