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Structures and Rube Goldberg


This is my favourite activity to do in science with all of my students.  Both of my science classes have begun creating a well structured Rube Goldberg mechanism including five structural components, an internal and external force.  So far students are in the planning phase and working on their prototypes.  I am so pumped to […]

Problem solving conclusion


Way to go 7B! Students showed some great problem solving strategies with our flipped videos.  Looking forward to the New Year and more awesome problem solving!

Problem Solving Questions


 My students came up with some great questions based on our fourth math video.  I chose several questions for the students to answer. The four problems based on student responses are listed below.  Well done 7B! Problem One: What is the pattern that is being created? What would be the 20th term if this patterned […]

So Creative!


I love TED talks – they can be powerful and inspirational, I saw this on my twitter feed and just love the creativity in this video.  I hope it gets my students creative juices following as much as it did for me! Happy Friday!

Inquiry Based Learning


As we (7B and 7/8A)  have been reading Freak the Mighty our students have come up with various issues in the novel – they are now exploring the issues in their own inquiries! I’m very excited for how they are going to take these ideas public.

Problem Solving


This week I decided to put a different spin on our flipped video.  Students will have to watch the scenario and come up with their own problem solving question.  I’m excited to see what they come up with for Friday!

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