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What’s in a name…


I have been toying with my name story – where my name came from. To be honest, my name story isn’t particularly exciting. After two girls, my parents were convinced that they were having a boy – lo and behold, another girl. The original plan was for my name to be Stephen, however being that […]

Inspiring Reluctant Writers


On Monday, I had the opportunity to attend a session on how to Inspire Reluctant Writers.  I found that the session was very eye opening for me.  When I walked into the room, it was flooded with text, and there was a white board with a Would you Rather question on it.  The question was […]

Inspirational and Motivational Quotes


Today we focused on what inspires us and what motivates – the group task was to find two inspiring or motivational quotes to go on our classroom door 7/8G knocked it out of the park – the quotes represent them and all of the amazing things that they will accomplish Way to go 7/8G!

New Year, New School – Welcome to 7/8G


Well September has arrived and today was the first day.  Our classroom is a SOLE set up and flexible seating – it should be a good start to the year.   Great team building was happening as well.  Can’t wait to see what else happens this year 🙂 

Musical Awesomeness from 8C


Well a lot has been happening in 8C that I have been so proud of.  My students are constantly showing their innovation and awesomeness.  Recently, I have had the opportunity to take part in helping move our library into a learning commons – at my last CODE session, I was able to learn about Garage […]

One Word Assignment


At the beginning of January I had the class think about One Word that they could live by for the rest of the year – to represent their goals and how they wanted to live their life.  My One Word for 2016 is Change.  I’ve chose change because I think that change is integral in […]

UN Summit for Syrian Refugees


The Awesomeness that is 8C


[View the story “The Awesomeness that is 8C! ” on Storify]​ [View the story “The Awesomeness that is 8C! ” on Storify]​ [View the story “The Awesomeness that is 8C! ” on Storify]​ [View the story “The Awesomeness that is 8C! ” on Storify]​ [View the story “The Awesomeness that is 8C! ” on Storify]​

Temperature – Heat and the Particle Theory


My class is currently exploring heat – what is this demonstration proving – and how does it relate to the images below?    

Heat KWL


I had my students complete a survey using Google Forms about what they know about Heat – what do they know, what do they want to know.  I love that most know that Heat means energy.  Check out the wordle below of their answers!

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