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Excited to dive into mysteries


We will be starting our mystery writing unit shortly and I found this video …I found it really inspiring for some good mystery writing.

Can’t wait to see what my students come up with they begin their writing!


Flipped Friday – Rail Edition


What a great job my students did today on their flip – the comments that they generated over the week were awesome! Fantastic collaboration today as well!


Flipped on a Train


My fellow teaching partner and I had the opportunity to go to a conference in Toronto – we took the train, which inspired my flipped video for next week.  What do you need to know to solve the problem? What kind of math would you use?

Chromatography Lab


Yesterday students in both my science classes had the opportunity to discover whether or not a marker is a pure substance or mixture using one of the methods of separating a mixture (Chromatography). Check out the video below of the success of the lab.  So is a marker a pure substance or mixture? What does the evidence suggest? What is happening to the particles in the marker?


Flipped Video…mmmm muffins


Flipped video for the week

Pure Substance or Mixture


Today our class took a look at some pure substances and mixtures.  Here they are  on a closer view. Can you identify the substance? Is it a pure substance or is it a mixture? How do you know? 🙂


Rube Goldberg progress


So my students have been working hard on their Rube Goldberg projects and we have had some great success! Here are some videos of the awesomeness that has been happening in 7B and 7C!


My Hot Read for this month….


Well I have found a new series that rivals my obsession with the Hunger Games.  At our book fair I picked up a book called “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer.  The story is a fractured fairy tale of sorts where Cinderella is actually a cyborg.  I found the story fascinating and could not put it down, I also had the opportunity to read two more of the series, “Scarlet” (Little Red Riding Hood) and Cress (Rapunzel). Could not put those down either.  The only downside is that I now have to wait until November for the final book in the series! Overall I would highly recommend these books, if you are a fan of the “Hunger Games” or the I Am Number Four  series you will definitely love these.





Subtracting Integers using Tiles


Here is a helpful video for subtracting integers using tiles.  Remember to apply the Zero Principle when answering the assigned questions!

Structures and Rube Goldberg


This is my favourite activity to do in science with all of my students.  Both of my science classes have begun creating a well structured Rube Goldberg mechanism including five structural components, an internal and external force.  So far students are in the planning phase and working on their prototypes.  I am so pumped to see what they will come up with! Here is a peak at one group that is working on their prototype. Awesome job guys! (and yes that is a robot arm)



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