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What’s in a name…


I have been toying with my name story – where my name came from. To be honest, my name story isn’t particularly exciting. After two girls, my parents were convinced that they were having a boy – lo and behold, another girl. The original plan was for my name to be Stephen, however being that I was a girl, Stephanie seemed to be the obvious choice. So I decided instead to focus on my names instead, and the significance of each.

Here is a start to my process:

The story of my name….

“Stephie – what are you doing?”. I flinch when I hear it, Stephie is only reserved for my family, and this person is not my family. It is a pet peeve of mine – when people who are not my family, call me by a name that is only reserved for them. Outside of Stephie, I’m Steph, Stephanie, Mrs. Gardner, Auntie and finally Mommy. However, my sister’s newest boyfriend does not fall into the category of getting to call me Stephie. “Stephie, are you headed down to the dock?” ‘Grrrr – not my name buddy ’ I think every time he speaks. Honestly, I’m not sure what irks me more, him calling me that or the fact that he is younger than me and addressing me as Stephie. It probably doesn’t help that I am also in my 30’s and I am still being called Stephie. I doubt that this will ever change from my family. Stephie weffie, Stephie Jane, – Stephie from my sisters and Stephie Jane from my dad. I guess this is familiar which in a sense I love – but I also feel that it has an attachment to a person that I am not. Stephie is a young child who cries when she is forced to wear something other than the colour pink, Stephie represents only part of me – while Steph or Stephanie represents something much more. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the colour pink, I just don’t cry about it anymore.
I feel that a name can represent so much more – so many emotions. My name now is so much more than just something on a birth certificate. Stephanie represents a successful teacher, an adult, someone who has mortgage payments. Steph represents a wife and a mother, and I guess Stephie represents the baby of the family.

Not happy to be wearing something other than pink

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