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One Word Assignment



At the beginning of January I had the class think about One Word that they could live by for the rest of the year – to represent their goals and how they wanted to live their life.  My One Word for 2016 is Change.  I’ve chose change because I think that change is integral in everything that happens in life.  We can’t stay the same and we always need to adapt to our environment.  I think the word change, is particularly relevant to my job.  I need to change/adapt to the environment, and adjust my teaching practices to what is best for my students and for myself professionally. Without change, I wouldn’t be able to push myself to try new things and to get out of my comfort zone.  In my personal life, I think it is important to embrace change.  Without embracing change we are stuck in one place, where things do not move.  If I didn’t embrace change then I wouldn’t be able to see the joy and beauty in the new adventures I have with my family.  As well, I wouldn’t be able to see new opportunities – be it in work or my personal life, if I didn’t focus on change.  It can be difficult to change sometimes, but I truly believe it is integral to be open to new opportunities and embrace the adventures  along the way.  Without change, there are no possibilities.

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